Our Firm

Continental Investors Services, Inc. is a Washington State based securities firm with over 30 affiliated  registered representatives.    Continental Investors is  registered in several  states and operates branch offices throughout the United States.  The firm was incorporated in 1991 and is a registered broker dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Choosing an investment firm requires an investor to consider many factors.  There are many competent organizations, each varying in investment philosophy and investment priorities.  At Continental Investors, we do not opt to be all things to all people.  Continental Investors has over 27 years of experience managing client's assets in areas we know well.  We concentrate on fixed-income and value-equity investments.  We leave speculative, new hot ideas and unseasoned investments to others. 

Continental Investors is totally committed to maintaining strong personalized relationships with our clients.  Our highest priorities are understanding our clients' investment needs, and providing the most suitable investment vehicles to fill these.   Our representatives recognize the importance of customer service.  If a "house call" is convenient for the client, our representatives use that personal service. 

Continental Investors Services, Inc. has a clearing arrangement with Hilltop Securities, Inc.  Through this arrangement the firm is able to offer access to all markets, company research, and quotes.  All accounts held at Hilltop Securities, Inc. are protected by SIPC for up to $500,000 ($400,000 in securities, $100,000 in cash).  SIPC protects against loss of capital due to brokerage house failure, not against market loss.  Additional protection, up to 24.5 million, is provided for larger accounts.   Hilltop Securities is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and major regional exchanges.

During the process of finding a niche in the financial services market, Continental Investors Services, Inc. decided to examine the full range of investment products. The firm offers only those products it feels will achieve client objectives. To this end, Continental Investors Services, Inc. does not currently offer any proprietary products, and maintains an in-house due diligence department for product review.


                              Member SIPC  Member FINRA